Wedding Party

Anna Burbank

Maid of Honor

Anna is my younger, hipper sister. Our friendship has only grown since we graduated from our bunkbeds. From the moment Jonathan asked me to prom to when he proposed in Iceland, she has always been the most supportive little sister I could ask for.

Kathleen Browne


Kathleen and I have been best friends since we were toddlers. I basically grew up at Kathleen's house and called her parents "my second mom and dad." She is the sweetest soul and has been my biggest cheerleader in life.

Janela Cobian


Janela is Jon's younger sister, and I am so happy to say she is also a dear friend. She is the best doggie aunt to Theo, and I am so honored to have her stand by our side as we say, "I Do."

Maggie Maloy


I met Maggie freshman year at Notre Dame through Brian, who lived in Dillon Hall with Jon. Little did I know that Brian and Maggie would become two of our closest friends. I am so thankful for Maggie and all the joy she's brought to our lives.

Kathleen Krah


Kathleen and I lived in Farley Hall at Notre Dame. We immediately bonded over a mutual love for dining hall frozen yogurt (topped with oreos, of course). Despite our long distance friendship, I know Kathleen is always a Facetime call away.

Mia Eppler


Mia was my very first friend in college, thanks to an icebreaker game in the basement of Farley during Frosh-O. At ND, she was my best friend and roommate and even convinced me to join her dance group senior year (LOL). I am so thankful for her friendship and can't wait to visit her in Seattle!

Mallory Davis


Mallory is the Rachel to my Monica. After realizing our similar interests in nutrition and wellness, Mallory and I started a community garden in Pilsen, Chicago during our first year of medical school. She was there for every up and down of medical school, and she is going to be the best Family Med doc out there.

Lily Lunt


I met Lily shortly after moving to Chicago and starting medical school. While carpooling to class, we bonded over our love for Parks and Rec and mutual nerdiness. Throughout med school, she has been my study buddy, climbing partner, and the bestest of friends.

Brian Maloy

Best Man

I met Brian freshmen year at Notre Dame in Dillon Hall. It's impossible to not have fun when you're around Brian. Whether we are playing Super Smash, watching Survivor, or having late night pillow talks in the mountains of California, I always know I'm going to have a great time with Brian. I know he's always got my back and I'm honored to have him as one of my best men.

Colin Terndrup

Best Man

Colin and I met during freshmen orientation at Notre Dame and instantly bonded over basketball and engineering. He's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, and I've enjoyed the tremendous memories we've made over the years. I especially enjoy our spur-of-the-moment computer science and engineering conversations. I'm very grateful to have a friend like Colin and am ecstatic to have him as one of my best men.

Chris DeLa Cruz

Groom's Party

I've known Chris since sixth grade and is one of my nicest and funniest friends. From middle to highschool, we made amazing memories like when he bear hugged me in the middle of the volleyball state championship game. when we recorded our hit single "For the Children", or when he surprise visited me at Notre Dame. Chris was also my double date partner the night I "officially" started dating Sarah, the night of our junior prom. I'm so glad we've been able to remain friends for so long .

Luis Ramos

Groom's Party

I met Luis back in high school and it's been an amazing friendship ever since. Luis is a friend I know is always down for any epic adventure. We have so many shared hobbies that we constantly text each other about from running to fantasy football and more. My favorite part about Luis is that on any given day I can receive a text with a spontaneous flight confirmation that he's coming to visit and have a good time.

Austin Lee

Groom's Party

Austin Lee was my first new friend in high school and is one of the coolest and most loyal friends I've ever had. He's always down to hang out and is a friend I can talk to about anything. While I disagree that Boyhood is the best movie ever, I love hanging out and watching the latest movies with him. I'll always cherish our drives down Strategy road, sending his 7 iron into the lake at Dubsdread, and our hour long conversations about everything that's going on in our lives.

Joey Nelson

Groom's Party

I met Joey in high school. He is a one-of-a-kind friend who is extremly kind, hilarious, and genuinely friendly at all times. He's always a blast to be around, and there is never a dull moment hanging out with him. We've had trememdous memories of peeling it during Bananagrams, playing Cambio, and biking through the streets of Portland. He was also a mutual friend that helped Sarah and I become friends in high school, for which I'll always be extremely thankful.

Brian Roddy

Groom's Party

I met Brian, better known as B-Rod, while at Notre Dame. We were great friends then but became even better friends while both living in Chicago after college, bonding over countless hours at the rock climbing gym. He's an awesome friend and I enjoy how he's always down for a crazy adventure and trying something new.

Ashley Lagaron

Groom's Party

I met Ashley when she was interviewing me for my job at Civis. To this day, I don't know what score she gave me, but regardless we bonded over both being from Florida and loving Publix fried chicken. We've had great memories ranging from her teaching me how to use a vegetable peeler to having a Survivor finale watch party. I'm so glad she's become one of my best friends and I'm extremely excited to have her in my grooms party.

Theo Cobian

Pup of Honor

We adopted Theo when he was four months old. He quickly won our hearts with his puppy kisses, endless energy, and love for cuddling. We are so thankful he found his way to his fur-ever home.

Jacob Butler

Ring Bearer

Jacob's mother, Jill, was my babysitter, teacher, and best friend growing up. Anna, Jill and I spent almost every afternoon and summer together, and Jill became a huge positive influence in our lives. We are honored that her son will stand by our side on our wedding day.
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